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btrieve Vo2Btrieve is a Class Library for Visual Objects that gives VO developers a very fast and direct interface to data stored in Btrieve tables and table based access to data in Pervasive SQL databases.
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VO2Btrieve Specifications:

VO2Btrieve is a Class Library for Visual Objects(VO) that gives VO developers a very fast and direct interface to data stored in Btrieve tables and in tables that are part of a Pervasive SQL database.

The Btrieve data engine has its roots in the Novell network environment. Later also Btrieve versions were developed for Microsoft Windows systems. For years developers of database systems have relied on Btrieve as their file record manager of choice for PC client-server systems. Popular products that use(d) the Btrieve engine are: Peachtree, DacEasy, ACCPAC, BusinessWorks, Maximizer, Macess, Lytec Medical, DataFlex, Macola, Great Plains Dynamics, Solomon, Platinum, Timberline, TAS Accounting, TAS Proffessional, Crystal Reports and many others

Btrieve applications can store the file definitions in code, a definition file per table or in a data dictionary (DDF files). Vo2Btrieve supports all of these methods to define the fields of your table.

Some applications use variable record structures for the same file. VO2Btrieve also has a mechanism to handle these kind of files You first open the file with a structure that will be the default structure, and tell Vo2Btrieve which alternate table layouts you which to use later. You can switch between these table layouts 'on the fly'. This is not recommended for tables that are linked to windows or browsers because it will almost certainly cause problems.

The Vo2Btrieve Class library consists of a set of classes that talk directly to the Btrieve API . It also has a set of higher level DbServer compatible classes that allows VO developers to use the Btrieve Data in combination with the VO DataWindow and Databrowser classes. (but also with 3rd party tools such as bBrowser and GridPro)

An example of Vo2Btrieve code to open a student table in the C:\Btrieve folder:

    LOCAL oDw AS DataWIndow
    LOCAL oShell AS Shellwindow
    LOCAL oSrv AS BtDDFServer
    cPath := "C:\Btrieve"
    oShell := ShellWIndow{SELF}
    oDw := DataWindow{oShell}
    oSrv := BtDDFServer{cPath, "Student",cPath, BFM_NORMAL}