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Robert van der Hulst

This week I have publicly announced that together with other (former) members of the Vulcan.NET development team we have started a project to create an open source XBase .Net language. The project is called XSharp (X#) and can be found on the web on the site www.xsharp.eu.

It was our intention to work together with GrafX (the owner of Vulcan.NET) but unfortunately the negotiations with the owner of GrafX have failed. But you never know what the future may bring.....

Today we have released Vn2Ado 4.0 for Vulcan.NET 4.0

This was a "simple recompile" of our existing product with the new Vulcan.NET 4.0 compiler.
No new features have been added and no bug fixes were applied when compared to the latest build for Vulcan.NET 3.0.

To download this new build, please logon with your heliks.nl username/password and navigate to the downloads page